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FreeTypingGame.Net Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I print my certificate?
After you are asked for your name, the printout will pop-up in a new browser window, along with the print dialog requestor. Be sure to have all pop-up blockers disabled when accessing this feature. Javascript must be enabled. Cookies must be enabled. If the certificate shows up but not printer dialog, select 'Print' from the 'File' menu. If your name is on the scoreboard, you weren't taking the certificate test. Please click the following link to take a typing certificate test: Free Typing Certificate Test. If you are still having problems, please contact us with your computer name, operating system and browser type.

How do you set up a user name like those I see on the scoreboard?
No need to setup a username. At the end of the game, you will be prompted if you want to place your name on the scoreboard.

I teach typing using 2 spaces after sentence punctuation. Does your site allow for this?
Yes, we added an option to use 2 spaces after a sentence punctuation. Select the checkbox at the beginning of the Free Typing Test.

How do I use the scoreboard for my class?
Nothing is required to use the scoreboard. At the end of a game or test, you will be prompted to enter your information to the scoreboard. You can view the scores from your class (and only your class) by doing the following:
1) Have your students enter their school information with something unique, ie "my school - 3rd period typing"
2) When you view the scoreboard, use the 'customize scoreboard view' at the bottom of the screen and type in "my school - 3rd period typing" and hit the 'customize' button. You should see only the scores for the 3rd period typing class on screen.

What kind of computers work with
We recommend a pentium III or greater, but it a pentium II will be acceptable. All G3 or higher macs should be fine.

What else do I need?
Your internet browser will need flash 6 or higher installed. If you don't have flash installed, go to: Adobe Flash download center

How can be free?
We rely on advertising revenue to operate

I would like a feature added to, is that easy?
Depends on the feature. Please contact us via our contact form to discuss:

I notice someone using abusive/insulting language on the scoreboard name and school. What should I do?
Please contact us immediately to report this abuse. Thank you.

I have an issue that isn't listed here. What should I do?
Please contact us via our contact form: