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Frogs are Off Their Diet - Lesson #1 Homerow only
Rank Score UserName Location School
5340200Katsuki BakugouJapanUA High School
5540200James PotterUnited KingdomHogwarts
5639600ThighRUbn/aThicc nibbas inc
5839200uhgfgbudhgiudUSA - HIsgsjngushguesg
5939000Ashley Welt USA - OHTimberstone
6038400Katsuki BakugouJapanUA High School
6137600it is wednesday my dudesn/aaaAAAAaAAAaAaaAAAAAAA
6237400tutututuUSA - AZhhfhfjgjdhd
6337300broUSA - HIn/a
6437100its your boin/an/a
6536400Tony StarkMalin/a
6636400Tony StarkMaliImtoogoodforschool
6736400Just Your Normal FurryOmanGASP
6836400Just Your Normal FurryOmanNonya
6936400Just Your Normal FurryOmanNonyabussnys
7036200Scary Elmon/an/a
7136100Ada martinUSA - GAMMS
7236100Ada martinUSA - GAMMS
7335800pony express0USA - CAn/a
7435500GibbyUSA - PAn/a
7535500GibbyUSA - PAn/a
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