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FreeTypingGame.Net is proud to offer a complete interactive typing tutor to learn to type. Learning to type has never been easier. We teach 2 keys at a time, followed by reviewing all the keys in the previous lessons. A printable (or PDF) certificate of completion is available after each lesson. If this is your first time learning to type, please familiarize yourself with the proper hand placement guide before starting.
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Our typing tutor lesson methodology is simple. Using a color-coded keyboard, with corresponding animated hands, we guide the typist through the keyboard, 2 keys at a time. We start with the home row keys and work our way out.

The typist enters a words-per-minute goal to achieve. We set this word per minute goal between 5 and 60 words-per-minute. Once the typist has mastered the 2 keys at his words-per-minute goal, he is then presented with a review to use the 2 keys with all the other keys learned so far in previous lessons. When the typist reaches his word per minute goal on the review, he is considered to have mastered this lesson. The typist can then print out a certificate showing he has advanced past this lesson, and his statistics. The typist is then ready to go to the next lesson in the tutor.

You can learn to type faster with this typing tutor than any other we have found.
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