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There are two timed keyboarding tests to choose from. Our original Timed Typing Test allows you to submit your speed to our realtime world wide scoreboard. The Typing Certificate Test allows you to print out a certificate or PDF with your name, and typing speed. These tests gives an accurate word per minute assessment of your typing speed. The test has timer options of 1 to 5 minutes. Lessons 26 through 35 offer complete stories. These classics are easy to type and fun to read. We have added lessons with Spanish, French, and German words, as well as commonly misspelled words. The test begins when the first key is pressed.

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When the test first starts up, it will present you with a choice of lesson and time. If you are in a hurry, choose the 1 Minute Timed Typing Test. For a more accurate assessment, choose the 5 Minute Test. Lessons 26-35 are the classic story lessons and can make a better overall assessment by typing natural sentences. All the other lessons are available, so if you want to see what your wpm is on the home row keys, or your speed in the 10-key you can. New lessons 38 through 40 include Spanish, French and German words. Lessons 36 and 37 are commonly misspelled words. Our words per minute calculation is based on two factors. The first is the number of characters typed in a given time. Words per minute is determined by the standard calculation of 5 characters per word. The second factor we examine are typing errors. We subtract from the words per minute calculation based on the time of the test and number of errors.
The Timed Typing Test
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