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I absolutely agree that if used wisely, matching the lessons with the tests, etc. your website is the fastest way to learn keyboarding that Iíve seen in my students. I have a student who just last year started out typing at 10 wpm. Now in the 7th grade, she was all too happy to tell me (a few weeks back) at an after-school activity that she was typing in the 60 to 70 wpm range. I have another student who is now in high school, who every once in a while, will send me a screen shot of her new highest wpm. The last one was 120 wpm on your default test #26. Those stories go on and on and your website is huge part of their accomplishments.
I am very thankful for your site and hope to point students to it for years to come.

Charles Gentles
6th Grade, Tech Apps (Exploring Space and Engineering Technologies)
Space and Engineering Technologies Academy (SETA)
Krueger Middle School, NEISD

I love this site for refreshing my typing skills. I first used it 25 years ago when I had to provide proof of my typing speed and accuracy before an interview for my first FT job. Your site was suggested as it allowed me to take the time limit test required and print a certificate as proof of the results. SO AWESOME!!! Ever since then, when I have had a change of jobs or want to check my typing speed you are my GO TO site. Your site is easy to use, fun, and provides a FREE much needed service. THANK YOU AGAIN and GREAT JOB!!!!!

Dawn Fagan

Thank you for keeping this site alive and well. I first learned how to type in 2010 on my netbook and this site made it so engaging and fun. I still jump back on from time to time to break up my work day. Thanks for helping me gain a skill that I utilize in my everyday life and in my career.

Kalib Kiser
Kent State University

Hi! I'm an older user of this platform, and just wanted to thank you for keeping this site alive for this long. I learned to type on an old windows 98 keyboard a while back, and when my lessons were complete, this was one of my go-to places to try to get faster! I can't remember my exact age, but I was about 13-14 years old. It's been a long time since then, I've since recently transitioned to a razer huntsman as my primary keyboard, and now type for a living as a programmer. Because of this I wanted to see how you guys were doing; and I highly appreciate you moving to the html5 platform! It's super awesome to see this place still be around for years to come because of this, and that makes me excited to maybe share this place with some other younger folk. Basically, thank you. You were one of the major places of my life!

Zachary Mitchell

I have been a typing teacher for nearly 34 years, and I find this awesome website to be a great motivator for my students. It is easy to use and provides sound instruction as well as fun and challenging typing games. We love this website!

Ms. Jonette M. Steele
Computer Teacher
Mountain Sky Jr. High
Phoenix, AZ

I am a 64yr old retired "Grannie" and absolutely love your website. I have taught myself to type to help circulation and movement in my arthritic hands.I also got my grandchildren learning to type using your site.KUDOS""" to you all....

Mrs. R. Chilson
Fort Smith, AR

I love the website. I teach 6th grade keyboarding and built my entire 6-week curriculum around your website. I love the lessons and tests and I feel they work well for helping my students learn to type accurately and quickly. My students also love the games!! Keep up the good work and thank you for the wonderful resources!

Mrs. Tolliver
Glade Spring, VA

My students LOVE your website! I use it daily to keep them motivated to work on typing skills. It's the only site (other than the school site) that I allow them to go to without permission, and the ONLY games I EVER allow. Keep up the great work!

Lisa Forsythe
McNairy Central High School
Selmer, TN

This is a fabulous site. I can't believe it's free. Will it stay this way? I teach typing to elementary age students, and since I found this site I feel I don't have to order more software programs for learning to type. Again, I want to thank you for putting a great site like this up for free.

Joanne Penn

As a HS technology teacher, I recently found your site. How I wish I had this at the beginning of the year! My students have been using it faithfully each Friday and never tire of the games. I offer an additional challenge by having the students' hands covered as they play each game. This site is terrific as a supplement to our District's touch-typing keyboarding program. Your typing tests can be given to students as a group and they enjoy the competition it avails as they try to "out type" each other. Thanks again for such a wonderful, FREE resource for our students.

Terri Slaughter
Columbus South High School
Columbus, OH

you guys are the best, i love ur typing lessons and games, it's helped alot.


I would like to thank you for keeping this site up and running. My students enjoy the games and opportunity to learn with a different style. Now that you have added a new game, they are excited at the new challenge. As a teacher of keyboarding, good keyboarding websites are a great tool to supplement classroom learning experience.

Ryan Fiereck

6th Grade Computer Technology Teacher
St. Francis Middle School


St. Francis Fighting Saints

This is something I have been needing to work on since I got out of high school and now I can update my typing skills and teach my five year old son at the same time and it is free. THANK YOU WHO EVER CAME UP WITH THIS GREAT GIFT.

Illisa Martinez

This site is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! I have tried so many paid keyboarding lessons and free and this is the greatest! It has helped me improve in just two days. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Joan Blake

This helped me learn to type English SOO much better than my private lessons. I have gone on to get a job as a secretary. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

Steve Martinez

Wow! Your site is the best! I love it. Your site is a great help for me and others. Hope that it'll be forever FREE. Keep it up! God Bless.

Peter Anthony S. Aquillo
Western Visayas College of Science and Technology
Philippines, 5000

A great learning site. Take it from someone who has been to tons of sites to learn more about typing, this one is the most enjoyable I've found.

Adrian Elder
North Carolina

Hello, I can only type with my left hand and I have been looking for a FREE program like yours. To improve my wpm and to be able to start typing without looking at the keys -hunt n peck- constantly! THANK YOU for providing this program online it is fantastic! I just found it Saturday and I've been going at it as much as I can! I love it! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Tyson Gardner

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