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Keyboard Revolution - Lesson #1 Homerow only
Rank Score UserName Location School
13872700haha ryan go brrrrrrn/ayessir
22294000Belle Delphinen/an/a
32158500Step BrotherUSA - ALn/a
41965400benUSA - MNWaconia Middle School
51956100Step Brothern/an/a
61856400benUSA - MNWaconia Middle School
71599800PonchoUSA - MIWaconia Middle school
81393600PonchoUSA - MIWaconia Middle school
91325000Seattle seahawks n/aSuberbowl 55 champs
101323000Step BrotherUSA - ALn/a
111191700PonchoUSA - MIWaconia Middle school
121157800PonchoUSA - MIWaconia Middle school
131128100PonchoUSA - MIWaconia Middle school
151028900kills cat for snackn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
161028900yes pull triggern/atWitCh sTReAmeR
171028900gun to my headn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
181028900knife to dogn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
191028900doggo tastes like chickenn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
201028900i ate my doggo so i sadn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
211028900twitch is depressn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
221028900yesn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
231028900money for bobsn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
241028900i need moneyn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
251028900yes i twitchn/atWitCh sTReAmeR
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