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Desert Typing Racer - Lesson #1 Homerow only
Rank Score UserName Location School
51364000LilWenneyKazakhstanTilted Towers
52361000deznuts2USA - INhfjgdhgkjfdhgfdkjhgjdhgsjfgh
53359000paynegaUSA - OHBowling Green State University
54358000LucasUSA - CAboys and girls club
55357000LilWenneyKazakhstanTilted Towers
57357000No Cap Ima Get First USA - ARGo sub
58354000REEEEEEE twoUSA - KYshelby valley
59350000LilWenneyKazakhstanTilted Towers
61344000paynegaUSA - OHBowling Green State University
62344000ooga boogan/afortnite is overrated
63340000LoganC211USA - UTn/a
65338000Youtube WerksUSA - CAGO SUB
67337000LucasUSA - CAboys and girls club
68336000 RudyTurkeyTurkey B Duncan
70335000deznuts2USA - INhfjgdhgkjfdhgfdkjhgjdhgsjfgh
71334000deznuts2USA - INhfjgdhgkjfdhgfdkjhgjdhgsjfgh
72333000LucasUSA - CAboys and girls club
73332000deznuts2USA - INhfjgdhgkjfdhgfdkjhgjdhgsjfgh
75330000pattyn/acelina jh
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