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There are many resources to learn to type on the internet. The problem with most of them is:
a) You must fill out a lengthy registration form.
b) You must install some unknown piece of software on to your computer.
c) They take a long time to download.

At, we decided to eliminate these problems by providing online typing games that don't require registration. We want our customers to be able to start playing instantly. When you finish a game, you have the option to post your score on our worldwide realtime scoreboard. Enter your school and location and compare yourself to others in your own school, state or country.

Currently, our twelve games are:

Ollie Street Typing- Nose grinds, kick flips and sick ollies! Put your skateboarding skills to the test. Use the spacebar for the rainbow slow motion kick flip that will defeat all your foes. Collect special health and rainbow flip words for increased power. Hint: Not every word moving towards you will cause you to fall. Some are too high or low.

Typing Wars: Return of the keyboard- Stop the evil galactic empire! Your rebel fighter is equipped with a keyboard. Type the word or group of letters above the alien fighter. Watch out for the galactic battle star, it can be hard to stop. Use the space bar to activate photon torpedoes to get out of tight spots...but use them wisely. Bonus ship every 250000 points. Have fun! Hint: Only the alien fighters in the middle can cause you harm. Attack those first when you are being bombarded.

Desert Typing Racer- Looking for adventure? Like the thrill of driving down the highway at supersonic speeds? Well head on down the highway for fun and adventure. You are driving so fast you pass all the other racers. Just be sure to type the word above their car or it could be ugly. Use the space bar if in case you need to jump over the cars. Hint: Only the cars driving down the middle of the road can hurt you. The repair vans will fix up your car and give you more jumping springs.

Keyboard Revolution- Put your fingers to the groove and type some serious moves. Type the moving letter when it is inside the circle. Bonus points for perfect moves. Good luck! Hint: Each time you score a 'perfect' move in a row, your score will multiply. Stay perfect and your scores will be astronomical.

Martian City Defender- Save the Martian Colony from unidentified flying laser beams! Laser beams come from every direction, and can break off into more laser beams. The bonus levels offer even more of a challenge by dropping speedy one letter droplets from space and ufos. Hint: Explosions to laser beams can affect other beams around them. Blast multiple lasers with one word. Have fun!

Meteor Typing Blast- Meteors and UFOs are coming at your ship from every direction. The meteors fly in random directions, and when they get hit, they break into 2 more meteors. Hint: Use your shield (space key) to protect yourself from the metors and ufos. Be careful of blowing up a large meteor too close to your ship, it may break into smaller ones that fly right at you.

Trick or Type- The Trick or Treat Ghosts want candy. Help them collect candy by typing the words or characters dropping from the sky. Hint: When you have lost all the ghosts but one, only type the letters of the words that will run into that ghost, not all the letters. Try not to be too scared!

Keyboard Triathlon- 3 Timed events test your knowledge of the keyboard. Are you up to the challenge? Keyboard ID, Character ID, and the Speed Test all challenge your skills. Hint: The beginner level is vastly different from the advanced level. The advanced is much harder, but you will be rewarded more points for correct answers in the advanced level. Good luck!

Save the Sailboats - Using a falling letters theme, sailboats are quickly moving through the water and your job is to type the letters before they hit the sailboats. Here's a hint: When you have lost most of the sailboats, and the letters are falling at too fast a rate, only type the letters of the words that will run into the remaining sailboats, not all the letters.

Outerspace Fleet Commander - Guiding aliens through the galaxy has never been more of a challenge! Flying words from space are stopping your mission. Type the words before they run into one of your ships. Words with multipliers above them earn more points. Hint: The center ship is closest to the words, so if you have to let one get hit, let the center ship get hit.

The Frogs are Off Their Diet - We never knew frogs were so hungry. But they have promised to stick to their diet, and they need your help. Type the words before they reach the frogs. Hint: Just because a word looks like it is going to run into the frog does not mean that the frog will eat it. The word must be in range of the frog's tongue.

Spacebar Invaders - These wiggly creatures are on the move. Type the words underneath the invaders before they reach the bottom of the game. Hint: These little critters work in unison. Typing away an entire column will keep them from reaching the sides of the screen and they won't progress downward.

Our Free Typing Lesson system is the best place for beginning typists to start. We use a color coded keyboard with associated hands and fingers to teach 2 keys at a time. Once mastery of the 2 keys is complete, we review all the keys learned so far. You can view the proper hand placement guide which will help with hand, body and computer positioning.

We also offer a timed typing tests. These tests will give an accuarate word per minute assessment of your typing ability. The first test allows you to show off your skills to the world, allowing you to place your speed on our worldwide realtime scoreboard. The second test lets you print a certificate, showing your typing speed. The tests have a timer options of 1 to 5 minutes. Lessons 26 through 35 offer real word typing text. These classic old stories are easy to type and fun to read.
The Timed Typing Test

We are busy designing new games, and new activities, so please check back often.

Here are some of the good websites we have come across to help with typing. Enjoy!

Please contact us to share other resources.